Manage teams and projects effectively

Plan and track the evolution of your projects and tasks, ensuring compliance with deadlines and budgets. Airgile simplifies team coordination, allowing you to manage the tasks and to increase the productivity of each employee.

Airgile is available online in the Cloud, with affordable plans adapted to different business sizes.

Improve the coordination of teams

Assess each employee’s workload, allocate tasks effectively and strengthen the communication between teams.

Ensure the success of your projects

Split projects in milestones, monitor their progress and ensure compliance with deadlines.

Simplify management using SCRUM

Employ Agile methodologies. Use Airgile to plan Sprints and monitor it's progress through Burndown Charts.

Optimize task planning

Organize hundreds of tasks in few minutes, evaluate priorities and follow the lifecycle of each task.

Connect your products with Airgile

Integrate your tools and management applications with Airgile using a simple but powerful JSON API

Reuse projects and processes

Save time in creating complex projects by reusing models adapted to your business and previously defined by you.

Share documents in each task

Attach multiple documents to each task and share them with other team members.

Engage customers and partners

Let your customers and partners monitor and participate actively in the success of projects.

Manage development teams

Connect Airgile to Eclipse based products, like ZEND, Aptana, Flash Builder, FDT 5, SAP Netweaver Dev. Studio and others.

Airgile can be used in several industries

Airgile is the ideal platform for the organization and operational management of companies working with teams.

Working as a central repository of tasks, the team can easily share and discuss tasks, collaborate or share files.
Simultaneously, the project manager can easily track the progress of the projects and goals, evaluate each user’s workload, assign tasks and generate accurate reports.

Team management is a reality common to almost all the business and industries. Airgile was designed to adapt to those different realities.


Marketing and Design Agencies

Engineering Projects

Software Development

Accounting Offices

Architectural studies

Teaching and Academic Projects



Version 1.13 released - Choose other administrators

In this version, it's now possible to assign administrator permissions to any user, allowing them to manage projects and users.

We've also added support for payments in USD, BRL and GBP.

See here the changelog

Airgile integration with other products and services

The user-interface of Airgile is the fastest and most comfortable environment for managing your projects, teams and tasks, but sometimes it is necessary to complement this with other management tools or services. Airgile offers a comprehensive set of integrations:

  • Integration with Email : You can create new tasks or discuss existing ones by simply sending an email to the unique address of each project. Emails are received and converted into tasks, which you can manage later in the comfort of Airgile.
  • Integration with other management applications : You can create and manage tasks or users in Airgile from other management platforms by creating a connection with our JSON API .
  • Integration with Eclipse : If you're managing development projects, you can connect Airgile with Eclipse-based IDEs (Zend, SAP Netweaver Dev Studio, Flash Builder, FD 5, among others) and developers will be able to query and update tasks without leaving their IDE.

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Thanks to Airgile, we've streamlined the development of our application and now the whole team is aware of the status of each task.

Marco Gaspar
Associate Consultant @ Novabase

Very seldom we find such a harmony between beauty and functionality in a computer application.

Rui Silva
User Experience Architect/Designer/Developer

"Science is often confused with magic and that's what Airgile is to me: magical. Magic in the usability, look and feel and especially in simplicity of the interconnection between the various components."

José Garrido
Senior Consultant @ Leadership Business Technology

It is the ideal solution for interacting with customers and resources. Everyone can use Airgile without any explanation.

José Luís Gouveia
Interactive Developer / Project Manager @

Put all the project and task management applications in a bottle and remove unnecessary features. Add a practical and intuitive user interface and you obtain Airgile.

Ricardo Neves
Senior Consultant @ Novabase

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